Rubber Ducky….


So a month has passed and I have not posted  my three happy things a day… Why? Not because there aren’t any happy things, but because by the time I get home from the gym post work, commune with my chooks for half an hour, help with dinner (see “sit with a glass of wine and chat”)  and do whatever chore has to be done it’s time for bed and I have a strictly “no electronics devices in the bed” rule which means that I always think I’ll do it tomorrow morning.

And then I get to work and have to hit the day running and suddenly it is 9 pm and my phone is telling me time for bed.  ( yeah, about that, I now have an alarm to remind me to go to bed)

So to cram a month of awesomeness into one post

 Firstly stuff from “the list…”

  • I wore a sari ( and looked amazing if I may say so) IMG_4431
  • Went to the multicultural festival  (meat on a stick, beer, and sangria… nom nom)
  • hosted the first shindig of 2015
  • (And having some of neighbours attend with their adorable toddler who had been taught to  say my name…very sweet!)
  • Made our first photo book! (only 6 to go???)
  • Had my second fitness assessment at theGym (not that I hit the numbers I’d dreamt of, but I’m fitter than I was)
  • Starting Iyengar yoga – AMAZING!

Other random awesome stuff

  • Seeing lots of out of town friends
  • The chooks being super happy in their new enlarged enclosure
  • Buying new jeans… OMG
  • Made an adorable baby shower cake for a colleague (see above)
  • Recovered and repainted our outdoor furniture (check out this blog)
  • Helping my mum rehang a lot of her art work to give her house a face lift
  • Finding out Harper Lee is publishing the “sequel” to “To Kill a mockingbird”
  • Cleaning out my linen cupboard and taking lots of stuff the charity shop

And this – A story – this makes me smile very time I think about, and I’ll try to  pass on the awesomeness of my trip to buy milk.

Picture summer, at the local grocery shop, and mum with three boys, under 10 – at a guess I’d say twins with a friend?

One twin is wearing chino shorts, a collared shirt, complete with shirt braces and a bow tie.   Oh my?! Do I spy a little whovian?  But wait, it gets better – this boy stops, listens to the music, and precedes to dance to Beyoncé’s “put a ring on it” and his friends (siblings?) drop into formation – all finished with hair toss and strut down the aisle.  Mum? She just keeps shopping like this normal. Parenting done right.

Seriously – made my week.


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