In 2013 I went from studying full-time and working full-time to just working.  My wife had also done the same. Hoorah you’d think! But we realized that in our entire relationship (married seven years this year)  we have never both been just working, let alone a day job with regular hours, flex leave and benefits that didn’t involve a drink or meal at the end of your shift.

We found ourselves waking up on Sunday morning wondering what to do with the day –  as all the house duties were done and well, that was normally the shining pride of the one day a week we’d spent out of Uni or work.

So we went shopping. And boy did we shop.

After almost a year we realized we were not buying  things we “needed” nor even things we  “wanted” but were simply in a race to fill the house we had recently moved in to. Filling our house up with stuff seemed to be the main aim of all our weekends and spare time.

We’d troll new furniture shops for that perfect thing, for that place, you know… next to the other thing. Or buy plants we didn’t actually know where we were going to plant – or worse – spend a few hundred dollars and a couple of hours at the supermarket on food – for two people – for a week.

Having always endeavored to be environmentally conscious we were shocked to realize our  land fill bin was often full –  of packaging. So coming up to Christmas 2013  we decided to start a year of nothing new.

We’re not fanatical about it – (credit it those that are) but rather we are trying to re frame our thinking about consumerism, and move away from the instance gratification of stuff – to the long-term satisfaction of doing things our selves. And we know a huge amount of people around us who are doing similar things – so here’s to Generation DIY and some of our projects from the past, present and into the future.


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  1. Exactly. But I’m at the other end – not working full-time, done that forever, living on a small income, co-housing with a friend, in the country…shall enjoy reading about what you do, we may learn from each other.

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